Rooftops in Bangkok

If you love rooftop bars, Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world for this. Here’s the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. There’re over 50 really nice rooftops to visit and some of them among the best ones in the world. You get views over the city skyline, the skyscrapers, the city parks, the river and so on.

Most of the rooftop bars here are quite expensive. And if you compare to the prices you pay in regular bars it much more expensive at the rooftops. Most common is to drink cocktails or beer. At some terraces you can also eat fantastic food and drink fine wines. Nothngs beats a cold one with the view of bangkok in the sun.

There’re also a lot of swimming pools located at the hotel’s rooftops. Most of the famous and luxurious hotels have big rooftop pools. You have to be a guest at the hotel to be able to use the swimming pools and infinity pools. And also some rooftops has a critera that you have to be a guest at the hotel.

You can visit rooftops in Bangkok all year round because of the warm climate in Thailand. The best time in the year to come to Bangkok is between January – Mars and June-September.

To get most out of your visit in Bangkok, make sure to book a hotel with a roof terrace and a rooftop pool. And also book tables in advance at the fancy rooftop restaurants to make sure you get a seat. Check out for the best rooftop bars in the world. More than 1000 rooftops in over 100 cities. The best website there is, if you love drinks with a view.

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