Rooftop bars in Monaco!

rooftop bars in Monaco

Monaco is now up on the site. You can find the best rooftop bars in Monaco at The Rooftop Guide. Here they follow!

Hotel Metropole:

A cozy and luxurious rooftop bar located at Hotel Metropole. Regarding rooftop bars in Monaco – or Monte Carlo as the city is sometimes called – this is one of the newest. Here you can enjoy fantastic food and good drinks in the comfortable atmosphere. Besides the stylish interior, there is also a large swimming pool available. One of the few terraces who have that luxury when it comes to rooftop bars in Monaco.

rooftop bar Monaco
Hotel Metropole

Le Grill de l’Hôtel de Paris:

Rooftop bars in Monaco are often very luxurious and extravagant. But the question is if anyone can measure up to Le Grill. Luxurious and stylish decor at both the restaurant, furniture’s and terrace. The view here is absolutely stunning over the Mediterranean Sea. If the weather is bad or the climate too cold, they can unfold a roof that protects the entire terrace and all seats. Do you put high value in luxury, food and service among rooftop bars in Monaco, this is a good choice.

rooftop bar Monaco
Le Grill Hotel Paris

L’Horizon Deck, Restaurant & Champagne Bar:

This amazing terrace gives you an entirely unique 360-degree view of the Casino, the Opera House, the Prince’s Palace and the Mediterranean. Absolutely unbeatable. Regarding rooftop bars in Monaco this is one of the better prospects. The restaurant offers an Italian menu with local products and seafood. If you’r looking for rooftop bars in Monaco with magnificent views, L’Horizon Deck, Restaurant & Champagne Bar is an excellent choice.

rooftop bar Monaco
L’Horizon Deck

Miramar Hotel & Restaurant:

Among rooftop bars in Monaco, this is perhaps the quaintest and cozy one. The hotel where the terrace lies is family owned and the whole atmosphere around the restaurant and the rooftop bar is very nice and welcoming. The terrace is open all year round and here you get a magical view of the Monaco harbor and all the luxurious yachts in the port. If you like harmony and cozy atmosphere, this is the place to choose among rooftop bars in Monaco.

rooftop bar Monaco
Miramar Hotel Restaurant