Rooftop bars in Melbourne!

After the New Years party at Transit Rooftop Bar we decided to visit some of Melbournes other rooftop bars. The wheather this day was really warm with temperatures around 40 degrees.

Captain Baxter:

Down by the beach in St Kilda, Melbourne you’ll find this nice rooftop bar. With a cozy lounge feeling, cool beach views and nice party atmosphere this is a perfect rooftop bar in Melbourne if you like to chill out in the sun :).

rooftop bars Melbourne
Rooftop selfie at Captain Baxter.
Captain Baxter a sunny day.

Transit Rooftop Bar (day time):

We just love this place. Nice 360 degree views over Melbourne, friendly and good staff, delicous cocktails and a great atmosphere.

rooftop bars Melbourne
Mighty skyline view over Melbourne from Transit Rooftop Bar.
rooftop bars melbourne
Cocktails in the sunset at Transit Rooftop Bar.

Rooftop bar (Rooftop Cinema):

Unfortenatley we missed the sold out cinema (The Goonies), but we had some drinks in the bar instead. Cinema at a rooftop bar has become very populare in Melbourne recent years. And we can understand why :).

rooftop bars melbourne
In the bar at Rooftop Bar (Rooftop Cinema).
rooftop bars melbourne
View from Rooftop Cinema.
rooftop bars Melbourne
Drink menu at Rooftop Bar (Rooftop Cinema).


Here we took an Espresso Martini and some beers. We also had a little chit chat with the bar stuff, and they were very polite and nice. A good place in the same area as Rooftop Bar (Rooftop Cinema) – so the view were pretty much the same among Melbournes scyscrapers in the city center.

rooftop bars melbourne
With the bar staff at Goldilocks.

Altogether we had a really good experience among Melbournes rooftop bars. Next stop Sydney!

Cherrs! /The Rooftop Guide

New Years party on a rooftop bar in Melbourne!

Hi everybody! My name is Hans Ebenman and I’m one of the founders of The Rooftop Guide. Right now I’m on a rooftop bar trip to Melbourne – Sydney – Singapore. The first blogpost will be about Melbourne and the New Years party we had there.

rooftop bars Melbourne
Classic rooftop selfie at Transit Rooftop Bar

We had been invited by Floriane and Dave from Transit Rooftop Bar to attend their New Years party in Melbourne. The party included entrance, drinks and canapes the whole night with a fantastic party atmosphere. We begun with a nice Espresso Martini on the roof terrace before the party got started.

rooftop bar Melbourne
Tasty Espresso Martini.
rooftop bar Melbourne
Perfect rooftop view over Melbournes scyscarpers.

Around 11:30 PM we corked up some bootles of Champagne to get ready for the begining of the new year. We had some really nice cocktails, wine and Champagne. Regarding the food the staff served some delicious canapes – all with a very good taste.

rooftop bar melbourne
Some Champagne before the countdown…

Melbourne is one of the first big cities in the world to celebrate New Years. And there’s always a lot of breathtaking fireworks for all the spectaters. This time the fireworks costed more than 10 million Australian dollars. So you can imagen that the expectations where quite high :). From the Transit Rooftop Bar you get one of Melbournes best views and this is the best spot to see all the fireworks and scyscrapers that surrounds the city.

rooftop bars Melbourne
More bubbles before the countdown.
rooftop bar Melbourne
Views of the fireworks to the south
rooftop bar Melbourne
Views of the fireworks to the north.

We had an amazing evening at Transit Rooftop Bar. The service, party feeling, views and drinks was of highest quality through out the whole night. If you want an complete New Years party in Australia, this is a perfect spot to visit.

Fore more rooftop bars in Melbourne, check out the next blogpost later this week and also visit our website.

Happy New Year! / Hans Ebenman

Luxurious rooftop bars in Dubai!

This week it’s time for  Rasim Reiz to write about his trip to Dubai where he visited a couple of really nice and luxurious rooftop bars. Rasim is 27 years old and lives in the Swedish capital Stockholm. He loves football (soccer) and likes to live ”the good life”.  Here is Rasims own words from his experience.

Rooftop bar Dubai
Rasim at Pure Sky Lounge at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort.

Me and my girlfriend Malin was for 11 days on vaction, my second time in Dubai, and this time i was more blown away then before.

Siddharta Lounge:
The rooftop bar was absolutely amazing. The view over the high rises was powerful. We tested the sangria here that we have heard is really good, and it lived up to it, so to speak. Top sangria in a bar that had everything. If you want to sit good, with a great view, my recommendation is to come early, it gets packed quite fast during the weekends.
Rooftop bar Dubai
Nice party atmosphere at Siddharta Lounge.
Rooftop bar Dubai
Amazing skyline at Siddharta Lounge.
Pure Sky Lounge at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort:
In the marina you’ll find Hilton’s pride. The rooftop bar with views over the palm and ”The Walk” which is located below is amazing and classy.
We arrived early and took a few drinks that were world class, my favorite gin and tonic was a high rate in this bar. Great music aswell. But the view is stunning. Get here for the sunset and you will have some good instagram photos.
Rooftop bar Dubai
Nice view over the ocean at Pure Sky Lounge.
Rooftop bar Dubai
Cool views from the DJ stand at Pure Sky Lounge at Hilton.

// Rasim

You can follow Rasim Reiz on Instagram @rasimreiz for more pics from his travels and life. If you want to know more about rooftop bars in Dubai, visit us at therooftopguide.

Turkish Airlines executive visiting rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur!

This week it´s time for the Turkish Airlines executive Tolga Duran to write about his trip to Kuala Lumpur and some rooftop bars he visited there. Tolga is a Turkish and Swedish guy in the mid 30s who has been to more places in the world then most people will manage to do in a whole life time. Tolga is a true professional when it comes to everything he does.

Tolga in one of many of his trips around the globe.
Tolga in one of many of his trips around the globe.

Heli Lounge Bar:
A Helicopter pad used as an outdoor bar with a 360 degree view over KL. Great location, a bit of a rundown entrance but defenitely worth a visit for its concept. Just don’t get too close to the edge if you’ve had too many Hendricks ;).

View from Heli Lounge Bar.
View from Heli Lounge Bar.
Just by the edge of the rooftop bar. Don't fall down...
Just by the edge of the rooftop bar. Don’t fall down…

Luna bar:
Great spot for a pool party! Live Dj with an open air pool and 2 floors to hang out at. Best time to visit would be during weekends, younger crowd 20-30… The View of the Twin towers behind the Dj gives it a scenic view.

Live DJ at Luna Bar with the Twin Towers as a mighty bakground.
Live DJ at Luna Bar with the Twin Towers as a mighty background.
Tolga sipping some cocktails at Luna bar.
Sipping some cocktails at Luna bar.

Finally I also visited one of Kuala Lumpurs best sky bars at the Atmosphere 360 restaurant in the Turning Telekom Tower. Similar view from other rooftop bars only this is inside. Buffe style dinner with live music, not the best restaurant in town but worth the experience.

Spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur.
Spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur.

You can also follow Tolga on Instagram @tolgaduran. For more rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur, visit


Guest bloggers to the site!

Hello dear followers!

Do as many others, sign up to be a guest blogger at our site and share your story from rooftop bars to a curious and likeminded audience!

Right now we’r looking for guest bloggers. If you’r going on a holiday, a weekend trip or just live in any big city in the world, we would love to here your experience from one or many of your visits at the city’s rooftop bars. Contact us on if you would like to contribute ur just send in your blog post.

What we need is around 200-500 words of your own experience and some pictures of the rooftop bars you went to. Preferably some with both you and the rooftop bar in the same pic.

At the blog you can see a perfect example how a blogpost can look like. Follow their blog for more interesting posts about travel and life.

To find suitable rooftop bars, visit and choose the city you´r going to – or live in.

This is from a visit in Rome at Hotel Raphaels rooftop bar. A cozy rooftop with an awesome view over Rome's skyline.
This is from a visit in Rome at Hotel Raphael’s rooftop bar. A cozy rooftop with an awesome view over Rome’s skyline. Prosecco, La Gazzetta and pasta, in that order.

// The Rooftop Guide

Our first guest blogger writes about a rooftop bar in Lisbon!

Welcome to our first – of many – guest bloggers Krister ”Muppetto” Lundström! A swedish guy in the early 40s with sports, travel, food and wine as main interests. This blogpost is from his trip this weekend to Lisbon and the Sky Bar at Hotel Tivoli Lisboa.

Krister Lundström on one of many of his travels around the globe.
Krister Lundström on one of many of his travels around the globe.

Here you have Kristers own words and pictures in a short – yet very nice – experience of Sky Bar at Hotel Tivoli Lisboa:


Two hectic days in this South European pearl with lots of work and fun but the highlight was when we started off one of the nights at Sky Bar at Hotel Tivoli Lisboa, Av. da Liberdade 185. The roof terracce offered stunning view over this city by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sky Bar is a popular spot among rooftop bars in Lisbon and if you fancing a romantic view with something good in the glas and with someone that you care about – this is the place to be. Regarding clothes and mood, I would go with smart casual, then you will blend in. Last thing; Start the night here with som drinks and nice hangout!

Nice and chilled atmosphere in the rooftop bar during the evening.
Nice and chilled atmosphere in the rooftop bar during the evening.

During daytime, the Sky Bar was closed (seasonal). But you could still go up on the terrace and enjoy the sun rise. Here are som pics of that.

Nice and warm sun surroundning the rooftop.
Nice and warm sun surroundning the rooftop.
Stylish and modern decor of the terrace.
Stylish and modern decor of the terrace.

To view more rooftop bars from all over the world, visit and follow @therooftopguide on Instagram and facebook.

Until then, cheers and hope to write for you in the future again! /Krister Lundström

Rooftop bars in New York!

Six new rooftop bars from New York is up on All of them with fantastic views and nice interiors.

New York is one of the best – if not the best – cities in the world when it comes to rooftop bars. The amount of skyscrapers, the climate and the party atmosphere surrounding ”The big Apple” is some of the reasons of this. The city is packed with luxurious, cozy and large roof terraces that include everything one could ask for. The rooftop bars are often located at the top of a hotel roof, and often with quite breathtaking views over the city’s skyscrapers and skyline. If you plan a trip to NYC, it’s a must to visit a couple of the these magical rooftops.

Here you have a list of the six newest rooftop bars added to New York.

Above 6 Rooftop Bar

Bar D’eau

Le Bain at the Standard

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

Mad46 Rooftop Bar

Monarch Rooftop Bar

/ The Rooftop Guide

New rooftop bars up in Sydney!


The tips from our followers and readers continues to come in. Two of these from Sydney is now up on Really good tips! Thank you so much Malin Lyckäng for them. Sky Terrace and Café del Mar. Two fantastic rooftop bars with perhaps the best views you can get here.

Sky Terrace:
This rooftop bar has a totally adorable view of Sydney’s skyline and Sydney Harbour. One of the best views in the city. On the roof terrace there is always a nice party atmosphere and this is where Sydney’s party elite comes to enjoy drinks and great music from live DJs. The terrace is huge and the interior is modern and nicely furnished with lounge sofas, chairs and tables. This rooftop bar has everything you can ask for.


Café del Mar:
From this rooftop you get a beautiful view of the Sydney skyline and Darling Harbor. The terrace is luxuriously decorated with a stunning interior and comfortable furniture’s. One gets the feeling that you are in Ibiza when you come in here. The restaurant is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine with influences from Spain in particular, but also with a twist of Italy, France and Australia. Do not miss this if you like luxury and good food.


Considering the hot climate in Sydney, the city’s rooftop bars stays open all year round. Here you’ll find something for everyone. Both luxurious, bohemian, casual and party-friendly rooftops. So for all of you who live or will travel here, check out for tips and inspiration.

// The Rooftop Guide