Rooftops in Bangkok

If you love rooftop bars, Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world for this. Here’s the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. There’re over 50 really nice rooftops to visit and some of them among the best ones in the world. You get views over the city skyline, the skyscrapers, the city parks, the river and so on.

Most of the rooftop bars here are quite expensive. And if you compare to the prices you pay in regular bars it much more expensive at the rooftops. Most common is to drink cocktails or beer. At some terraces you can also eat fantastic food and drink fine wines. Nothngs beats a cold one with the view of bangkok in the sun.

There’re also a lot of swimming pools located at the hotel’s rooftops. Most of the famous and luxurious hotels have big rooftop pools. You have to be a guest at the hotel to be able to use the swimming pools and infinity pools. And also some rooftops has a critera that you have to be a guest at the hotel.

You can visit rooftops in Bangkok all year round because of the warm climate in Thailand. The best time in the year to come to Bangkok is between January – Mars and June-September.

To get most out of your visit in Bangkok, make sure to book a hotel with a roof terrace and a rooftop pool. And also book tables in advance at the fancy rooftop restaurants to make sure you get a seat. Check out for the best rooftop bars in the world. More than 1000 rooftops in over 100 cities. The best website there is, if you love drinks with a view.

Stay tuned for more articles about view spots from other cities!

Top 10 rooftop bars!

Writing top 10 lists is always a very popular thing to do among people. And lists about the best rooftop bars is no exeption. This one is written by the very cool and good blogger Carmen Edelson who is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can find her list of the 10 best rooftop bars in the world on this link.

Carmen’s Luxury Travel Top 10 rooftop bars

Rooftop bar Skye Bar in Sao Paulo
Number 3 on the list: Skye Bar in Sao Paulo

Rooftop bars, travels and luxury often goes hand in hand. Carmen’s Luxury Travel is a travel blog guiding you to the best luxury destinations around the world, from places to stay, cruises, rooftop bars and hot new restaurants.

If you like luxury, traveling tips and food, you MUST visit her website, blog and social media. Awesome stuff there!


Send your own Top 10 list of rooftop bars to us on and get featured at our blog and social media.

Cheers! // Hans Ebenman

Rooftop bars in Mumbai (Bombay)!

rooftop bar Mumbai

Another new city is up at the website. This time it’s Indias biggest city Mumbai. You can read some short info about some of the best rooftop bars in Mumbai here:


The second highest among rooftop bars in Mumbai. Situated on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. Here you get a fantastic panoramic view of the city skyline and the sea. If you manage to time in a sunset, it’s something special. The atmosphere on the patio is festive and harmonious with a DJ playing beautiful tones in the background.

rooftop bar Mumbai
Nice view and furnitures at Aer.


Situated on the 38th floor of the Palladium Hotel makes this the highest among rooftop bars in Mumbai. The high location provides absolutely stunning views over the city and its skyline. Perhaps the best view in all of Mumbai. A very popular rooftop bar, so book a table in good time to get a good seat. In the evening, the dance floor fills up fast, and likewise the seats.

rooftop bar Mumbai
Amazing venue from Asilo.

Breeze Restaurant:

A rooftop bar in Mumbai which is known for its cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean. This is where many people comes to enjoy the good food and the absolutely stunning views of Pawoi Lake and Mumbai’s cool skyline. The décor on the terrace is very futuristic and stylish with large white sofas and chairs to sit in.

rooftop bar Mumbai
Futuristic decor at Breeze Restaurant

Hotel Yogi Executive:

One of the few terraces when it comes to rooftop bars in Mumbai where you get a 360-degree view of the entire city. The view here is absolutely outstanding. Despite the fact that the terrace is only located on the 8th floor, the skyline of Mumbai absolutely magical. It features a large swimming pool, a good selection in the bar and a romantic atmosphere. Perfect place to take your date to if you want to impress with great views and a quiet atmosphere far away from the city-stress.

rooftop bar Mumbai
The coolest rooftop pool in Mumbai at Hotel Yogi Executive.

Next blogpost will be about rooftop bars in Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned!

Rooftop bars in Monaco!

rooftop bars in Monaco

Monaco is now up on the site. You can find the best rooftop bars in Monaco at The Rooftop Guide. Here they follow!

Hotel Metropole:

A cozy and luxurious rooftop bar located at Hotel Metropole. Regarding rooftop bars in Monaco – or Monte Carlo as the city is sometimes called – this is one of the newest. Here you can enjoy fantastic food and good drinks in the comfortable atmosphere. Besides the stylish interior, there is also a large swimming pool available. One of the few terraces who have that luxury when it comes to rooftop bars in Monaco.

rooftop bar Monaco
Hotel Metropole

Le Grill de l’Hôtel de Paris:

Rooftop bars in Monaco are often very luxurious and extravagant. But the question is if anyone can measure up to Le Grill. Luxurious and stylish decor at both the restaurant, furniture’s and terrace. The view here is absolutely stunning over the Mediterranean Sea. If the weather is bad or the climate too cold, they can unfold a roof that protects the entire terrace and all seats. Do you put high value in luxury, food and service among rooftop bars in Monaco, this is a good choice.

rooftop bar Monaco
Le Grill Hotel Paris

L’Horizon Deck, Restaurant & Champagne Bar:

This amazing terrace gives you an entirely unique 360-degree view of the Casino, the Opera House, the Prince’s Palace and the Mediterranean. Absolutely unbeatable. Regarding rooftop bars in Monaco this is one of the better prospects. The restaurant offers an Italian menu with local products and seafood. If you’r looking for rooftop bars in Monaco with magnificent views, L’Horizon Deck, Restaurant & Champagne Bar is an excellent choice.

rooftop bar Monaco
L’Horizon Deck

Miramar Hotel & Restaurant:

Among rooftop bars in Monaco, this is perhaps the quaintest and cozy one. The hotel where the terrace lies is family owned and the whole atmosphere around the restaurant and the rooftop bar is very nice and welcoming. The terrace is open all year round and here you get a magical view of the Monaco harbor and all the luxurious yachts in the port. If you like harmony and cozy atmosphere, this is the place to choose among rooftop bars in Monaco.

rooftop bar Monaco
Miramar Hotel Restaurant

8 more rooftop bars in Singapore!

Hi again!

The last day we spended in Singapore we tried out 8 more rooftop bars. Beginning with Marina Bay Sands and FLIGHT at Sky on 57 the first two days, our requirements of the rooftop bars were quite high.

Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel:

We arrived at Lantern around 11 AM. The bar wasn’t open (opened 12 PM) so we decided to take a espresso some water and a orange juice. The bill landed on solid 30 Euro. Coffe and water was even more expensive then beer and wine at this place. But the view, the swimming pool and the nice furnitures made it all worth it. Lantern is a stunning rooftop bar in Singapore.

rooftop bar Singapore
Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel.
rooftop bar Singapore
Juice, shoes and sunglasses with a view.
rooftop bar Singapore
Nice view over Marina Bay Sands.


Our next stop was LeVeL33 located on the 33th floor with breathtaking views over Marina Bay Sands, the city skyline and the ocean. At this point we were very thirsty for some beer. And this was the perfect place for just that. The worlds highest brewery. So we took the beer tasting plattern. My favorite was as usual the lightest one, but I also liked the most dark wich had some tast of coffe and chocolate.

rooftop bar Singapore
Beers with a view at Level 33.
rooftop bar Singapore
Beer tasting at Level 33.

Hi-So at Hotel Sofitel So Singapore:

The most central located rooftop bar in Singapore. Right in the city center with mighty views among the scy scrapers. A luxurious rooftop bar with a nice swimming pool and comfy lounge furnitures. Here we just had a beer and a quick chit-chat with the bar crew.

rooftop bar Singapore
Cold beers at Hi-So at Hotel Sofitel So
rooftop bar Singapore
Relaxing at Hi-So At Hotel Sofitel So.


A nightclub and rooftop bar that a friend of a friend of ours run. Simple decor with amazing 360 degree views over all of Singapore. We were here in the afternoon so unfortenately we missed the great party that takes place here every friday and saturday. They also have one oyster restaurant and one fancy meat restaurant. Unfortenately we didn’t have time to try them out either. Just one beer and then of to the next rooftop bar.

rooftop bar Singapore
Beer at Empire.
rooftop bar Singapore
Rooftop selfie from Empire.


One of the worlds and Singapores highest rooftop bar, 282 meters up. The 360 degree views from here are spectacular. Almost a little bit scary because of the hight. To get up here you have to pay a fee if your not on the guest list. The decor is stylish and all in white. A must to visit when in Singapore!

rooftop bar Singapore
Magical 360 degree views over Singapore from 1-Altitude.
rooftop bar Singapore
Waiting for drinks at 1-Altitude.
rooftop bar Singapore
Rooftop selfie at 1-Altitude with one of Singapores highest view points.


At Me@Oue we started to get a little bit hungry. We ordered some sushi, edemame beans and Peronis. Ok food but nothing more. The view and comfy furnitures was the best thing about this rooftop bar. The lights in Singapore is very cool when the darkness falls. To bad we only had the crapy iPhone camera to take pictures with.

rooftop bar Singapore
Peroni at Me@Oue.
rooftop bar Singapore
View from Me@Oue.

Kinki Rooftop Bar:

A classic afterwork place with lot’s of guys in white shirts :). The location is right next to the financial area of Singapore. So exprect a lot of people coming here just around 7 PM. When we arrived there were a lot of people here, so make sure to be in time to get a nice seat. The prices here were a lot lower then their neighbor Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

rooftop bar Singapore
Lot’s of white shirts at Kinki Rooftop.
rooftop bar Singapore
Afterwork feeling.

Orgo Bar & Restaurant:

Our last rooftop bar in Singapore for this time. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. Orgo Bar & Restaurant was a cozy rooftop on the 4th floor of a shopping mall. Despite the low altitude the views were very cool from here during night time. We rounded of the day in the same way as we started; with an orange juice, coffe and water. Quit expensive here to, but with a view to die for you forget the money you spend pretty fast.

rooftop bar Singapore
Night view over the Singapore skyline from Orgo Bar & Restaurant.

This was all from our trip to Singapore. We had some amazing experiences with Marina Bay Sands, Sky on 57 and LeVeL33 as the three best if we have to choose.

Find out more about rooftop bars in Singapore at our website.

// Hans Ebenman at The Rooftop Guide

FLIGHT at Sky on 57 and the meeting with Michael O’Shea!

On our third day in Singapore we where invited to Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar FLIGHT at Sky on 57. We got a personal invitation from the manager Michael O’Shea, so we decided to meet him up at the terrace. FLIGHT at Sky on 57 is a pretty new rooftop bar at Marina Bay Sands. The location is probably one of the best for a rooftop bar in whole Singapore. Amazing views in all directions. The terrace is decored with confy lounge furnitures, green trees, a DJ booth and a really cool bar. If you are lucky to time a sunset you will for sure have a some of the most beautiful views there is to see in Singapore.

rooftop bars Singapore
Sky on 57.

At 6 PM we met Michael in the bar and we felt really welcomed right from the beginning. We sat down and talked about rooftop bars, cocktails and the work he have done for FLIGHT at Sky on 57. We also got the chance to try some of their special cocktails.  The French 57, a classic Singapore Sling and their own Singapore Sling. We loved them all, but if I have to choose one it will be the French 57 wich contains G’Vine gin, Yuzu Umeshu, acacia honey, lemon and Champagne. Yummie!

rooftop bars singapore
Impressive view from Sky on 57.
rooftop bars Singapore
SKy on 57 special cocktail, French ”57”.
rooftop bars Singapore
Classic Singapore Sling
rooftop bars Singapore
Singapore Sling with Sky on 57s unique touch.

After the drinks we had an awesome dinner in the restaurant Sky on 57 around 8 PM. And right after the dinner we met Michael at the rooftop bar again. Here we ordered more cocktails to the amazing skyline views and the tones of the DJ. Michael stopped by our table several times and he told us a lot about Singapore, it’s history, nightlife, restaurants and much more. We also talked about how the rooftop guide started and  stuff like that. Michael was a super nice and funny guy and we couldn’t be more happy about the treatment we got. Service and hospitality at it’s best! And we will for sure be back in a near future.

rooftop bars Singapore
With the manager of Sky on 57, Michael O’shea.
rooftop bars Singapore
Ida, Michael and me.
rooftop bars Singapore
Drinks with a view!

To find out more about FLIGHT at Sky on 57, check out their website here. A must to visit when in Singapore!

Next blogpost will be about 8 other rooftop bars in Singapore.

Dinner on the rooftop at Sky on 57 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore!

Around 7 PM the Marina Bay Sands crew invited us to their luxurious  rooftop restaurant Sky on 57. The restaurant have an amazing 360-degree view over all of Singapore. And the decor was very modern and luxurious, but yet very cozy and harmonically. Here we got the chance to meet the famous chef Justin Quek ,his staff and the manager of Sky on 57 Elise Raffray.

rooftop bars in Singapore
Dumplings with a view.

The meeting with the master chef Justin Quek:

The master chef Justin Quek mixes French and Asian flavours in an awesome way. We ate some of the best food we’ve ever tasted. Before the dinner we were invited in to the kitchen were Justin wanted to make us some of his specialties and also introduce us to himself and his staff. Justin was a very humble and funny guy. A cool experience and it was funny to see all reactions from the crew when we tasted the specialties infront of their eyes. The dumpling was like an explosion of nice flavours in my mooth. I hope they could see that we loved it :).

rooftop bars in Singapore
The master chef Justin Quek.
rooftop bars in Singapore
Delicious oyster.
rooftop bars in Singapore
Justin Queks special dumpling. The best dumpling I ever tasted.
rooftop bars in Singapore
Tasty frog leg.
rooftop bars in Singapore
One of the best beer snack I have ever tasted.

The dinner at Sky on 57:

After the meeting with Justin, he decided to make us a special made nine course dinner with a diffrent wine to each dish. They even printed the menu for us as a memory. I can honestly say that some of the dishes we tasted was some of the best food I have ever had. Especially the dumplings (course 2) and the Wagyu Tri Tip (course 7). Everything was made with perfection and presented in a very nice way. This was a dinner we will never forget!

rooftop bars in Singapore
Special made nine course menu.
rooftop bars in Singapore
All dishes in the right order, from the beginning to end.
rooftop bars in Singapore
All wines we had to each dish, from the beginning to the end.
rooftop bars in Singapore
One of my favorite dishes. Australian M4 Wagyu Tri Tip.
rooftop bars in Singapore
The amazing dumplings stuffed with foie gras. A dream for the taste buds.

If the food was an unforgetable experience, so was the service from the guys that served us. Three words that comes to my mind are: elegant, nice and attentive. Everything we asked for they fixed. That’s what i call service! Even the manager Elise stopped by our table several times to see that everything was ok and also talk a little with us about The Rooftop Guide and our experience of Singapore.

rooftop bars in Singapore
The crew that served us during the whole dinner.

To sum it up, it was a memorable dinner with consistently top quality of everything. For more info of Sky on 57, look here. Next blogpost will be about our meeting with the manager of the rooftop bar FLIGHT at Sky on 57, Michael O’Shea and the drinks, conversation and views we had. Stay tuned!

// The Rooftop Guide

Marina Bay Sands rooftop in Singapore!

Hi again,

Next stop on our trip was Singapore – one of the world’s best city’s regarding rooftop bars. We choose to stay at the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands where they have the highest infinity pool in the whole world and also one of the coolest rooftops you can visit.

rooftop bars in Singapore
The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

Our room was available already at 10 PM so we decided to head up to the Sky Park Pooldeck directly – wich is open from 6 AM until 11 PM. And the views that meet us where breathtaking. 360 degree views from the rooftop over Singapore and all it’s surroundings. We could even see all the way to Malaysia and Indonesia. The Skypark Pool deck is only available to the hotels guests, so there was no problem to find a good sun lounger in the front row.

rooftop bars sydney
Rooftop selfie with an amazing skyline.

The pool was not very crowded which was a big plus. Sometimes it felt like we had it for our selfs. We took some really cool pictures laying with our feets on the edge of the infinity pool with whole Singapore infront of our eyes. And the atmosphere was very relaxing with some nice tunes playing in the background all the time. After a couple of hours of swimming and walking around in the skypark we ordered some food and drinks from the rooftop bar menu. They had classic barbites such as burgers, sushi, club sandwich etc. I decided for the burger and it was pretty good.

rooftop bars in Singapore
Relaxing by the pool.
rooftop bars in Singapore
More relaxation.
rooftop bars Singapore
Burger with a view!

The views from the other side of the rooftop were over the ocean with lots of cargo ships crusing around. It looked so cool. So we decided to take a dip in one of the jacuzzis that were available and just sat there and watched the surroundings. The best jacuzzi bath I have taken in my whole life.

rooftop bars in Singapore
Jacuzzi with views over the ocean.

The most amazing views were around 7:30 PM just before the sun set. The skyscrapers lights started to turn on and it was quite fantastic to see the transformation. So we decided to take a drink and just watch the whole city and sky turn into a colorful spectacle.

rooftop bars in Singapore
Ready for some drinks in the evening.
rooftop bars in Singapore
Night time view over Singapore’s skyline.

Marina Bay Sands rooftop deck had everything we could ask for. Fantastic views, amazing service, good drinks and barsnacks, nice atmosphere, confy fournitures and the coolest swimming pool in the whole world. This one would be really hard to beat. For more info, visit the Skypark’s website here.

Next blogpost will be about our visit to Marina Bay Sands rooftop restaurant named Sky on 57, where we had an awesome dinner. Stay tuned for more :).

/ The Rooftop Guide

Rooftop bars in Sydney!

Hi there again! The two last days in Australia we decided to try out some of Sydneys best rooftop bars. Unfortenately the weather was really bad the second day. But we manage to get som fine rooftop moments anyway.

rooftop bars in Sydney

Watsons Bay Hotel:

We had an awesome day at Watson Bay and there hotel. Here we had a fantastic lunch at the rooftop bar with some good friends from both Sydney and Melbourne. The food was very good and the drinks cold and fresh. We eat sashimi, smoked salmon salad, calamares and ceviche. For drinks we decided to share som bottles of Prosecco. Watsons Bay Hotel will defintly be added to Therooftopguide. The rooftop bar is only on the second floor, but the view over Sydney and Watsons Bay are breathtaking. Book table in advance to be sure to have a seat on the terrace.

rooftop bars in Sydney
Cool skyline view from Watsons Bay Hotel.
rooftop bars in Sysney
Rooftop selfie with an amazing skyline of Sydney.

Glenmore Hotel:

Sadly enough, the weather was really bad when we visited the rooftop bar at Glenmore Hotel in Sydney. But the views, the beer and service was of highest quality. They had a controllaby roof to keep the rain of the seats and also some heaters for the colder days. All in all, we were happy with what we experienced. The sunny days, this placed is always packed, so be here in time to have a seat.

rooftop bars in Sydney
A beer at Glenmore Hotel.
rooftop bars in Sydney
View from Glenmore Hotel over the skyline.

Cafe del Mar:

Among rooftop bars in Sydney, Cafe del Mar is one of the most exclusive ones. With a location in Darling Harbor and views over the whole area this is a perfect place for cocktails. We had some nice Espresso Martinis and a couple of Coronas. The seats here are very confy with big lounge furnitures to sink down in. Nice views, tasty cocktails, luxurious decor and confy seating is what you can expect from this rooftop bar in Sydney. Hopefully we’ll see the sun next time :).

In the bar at Cafe del Mar.
In the bar at Cafe del Mar.
rooftop bars in Sydney
Espresso Martinis at Cafe del Mar.
rooftop bars in Sydney
Corona with a view.

Sydney is a good city regardning rooftop bars. When the weather is fine – which it is almost every day here – there are some nice rooftop bars to visit. You can find the best of them here.

Next stop SINGAPORE! Stay tuned.

// The Rooftop Guide